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Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P

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I already know what most of you are going to say... [Aug. 30th, 2008|11:28 pm]
Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |tomorrow never know 0 the beatles]

Do you think the beat movement helped more than it hurt Buddhism in America?
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question on arts in Zen [Apr. 4th, 2008|08:40 pm]
Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P

[Current Location |Oregon]

I am planning a Master's thesis on art in Zen Buddhism and how it is related to/ is used as meditative practice...

I was wondering how I could find out what arts are most closely related to what schools?/lineages?
If I can narrow it down to one or two lineages that would be helpful.

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new ORIGINAL music [Jan. 25th, 2008|10:07 am]
Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P

[mood |accomplished]
[music |sentinel - rzrxtion]

so most may know that i am a superstar DJ in my spare time (grin)
that came at the expense of putting my own music on the back burner, or if truth be told, off the stove completely
but recently i was inspired in no small part by my sista cleavie
...and i now have my first artist track in quite a few years online
and available for purchase to boot!

click here to access my new myspace music page
where you can preview and download the new single entitled "sentinel"

this is something i'm very proud of, and something i hope you will enjoy

if you're wondering why this is posted here, the track is buddhist themed part of the lyrics are my take on the kalama sutra
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(no subject) [Nov. 12th, 2007|02:44 pm]
Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P
Eight Verses for Training the Mind

by Langri Thangpa

With a determination to accomplish
The highest welfare for all sentient beings
Who surpass even a wish-granting jewel
I will learn to hold them supremely dear.

Whenever I associate with others I will learn
To think of myself as the lowest among all
And respectfully hold others to be supreme
From the very depths of my heart.

In all actions I will learn to search into my mind
And as soon as an afflictive emotion arises
Endangering myself and others
Will firmly face and avert it.

I will learn to cherish beings of bad nature
And those oppressed by strong sins and suffering
As if I had found a precious
Treasure very difficult to find.

When others out of jealousy treat me badly
With abuse, slander, and so on,
I will learn to take on all loss,
And offer victory to them.

When one whom I have benefited with great hope
Unreasonably hurts me very badly,
I will learn to view that person
As an excellent spiritual guide.

In short, I will learn to offer to everyone without exception
All help and happiness directly and indirectly
And respectfully take upon myself
All harm and suffering of my mothers.

I will learn to keep all these practices
Undefiled by the stains of the eight worldly conceptions
And by understanding all phenomena as like illusions
Be released from the bondage of attachment.
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right speech [Jul. 8th, 2007|09:42 am]
Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P
I'm trying to find a nice brief quote about right speech to write on my toothbrush. You know as a reminder each time I brush my teeth. Any ideas for good quotes to use? Google hasn't been helpful.
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Dalai Lama in US [May. 16th, 2007|02:36 pm]
Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P

If you're in Atlanta October 20st - 22nd

x-posted to noye, bodhisattvas, chos_grwa, shinbuddhists, zen_within
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children's meditation courses [Apr. 8th, 2007|09:01 am]
Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P












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=) [Feb. 6th, 2007|08:17 pm]
Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P

Deep within the answers are found,
Beating within the music profound.
Upon the skin vibrations relate,
What secrets drive a reality to create.
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hope this isn't a silly question [Jan. 22nd, 2007|10:05 pm]
Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P
So when Buddhist monks and nuns wear the saffron colored robes do they always look like the traditional robes? I met a woman out in Berkeley that looked like she might have been wearing saffron robes but she had this thing on over it all that looked like a saffron colored puffy ski jacket. Is this some sort sort of religious clothing that I wasn't aware of? I thought there was a special official coat that nuns and monks are supposed to wear when it is cold that doesn't look like a puffy ski jacket.
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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2006|07:23 pm]
Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P

hi i am lama from Tibet.
i am new here. i am very glad talk to you. if you have some quistion about buddhism i'll happy to answer. please sorry for my english.

sorry for my English, i have just begun learning, and i can make many mistakes, but i will do my best.I am very glad to hear from you.I represent Jonang Tradition, and i have a centre in Moscow "Taranatha centre" Our mail adress http://club.kailash.ru. Wewill be glad to see you there.
with respect
Lama Yonten Gyaltso
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