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buddhism_chat's Journal

Taking refuge of buddha, dhamma, sangha and lj :-P
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This is a community for those interested in buddhism to discuss the philosophy in a safe and secure environment. Just as we keep negativity and violence out of our personal lives, we do not feel it is necessary to subject ourselves to violent people online in order to discuss such a beautiful and nonviolent philosophy.

While we respect all views, we ask that all views are presented with respect towards others as well. We will not act as the censors of ideas, however we feel we must regulate actions, such as disrespect, for the greater good and harmony of the community and its participants.

Punching someone in the face is not a protected expression of free speech. Similarly, causing strife and harm with your words is not protected in here. We are all on this path together and interested in learning together in a supportive community.

This is a sectarian community, welcoming those of all beliefs to discuss the philosphy and the words of the buddha. Like all of us, the buddha was just a man, not a god. But, through determination and diligence he was able to find a way to stop the suffering in his own life. We invite all to join us in discussion aimed towards elimination of suffering, discovering truth and meaning.